Say no to pulling guard!!

Today while running the class at Docklands BJJ the other instructor Alki noticed that my students consistently fought for the top position.  I considered what he said and I was very pleased at how visible this top position philosophy was while watching my students fight for dominant top control and resisting the common Jiu Jitsu urge to pull guard.

My personal saying is that while Jiu Jitsu is great to compete in, the reality is that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also a means of self defence.  And in the street, you want to be on top in control and not on your back.

Imagine that it is a street scenario.  Some punk teenager high on alcohol and other substances decides that he finds your face offensive.  So if it’s time to use your Jiu Jitsu, what you want and what you want your students to do, is to have the confidence to utilise a double leg takedown.  But if you’ve spent all your time in the gym working your guard on your back, I guarantee you that in this street scenario that takedown confidence will not be there.

So to all Jiu Jitsu practitioners… Work your stand up!  By all means, train your guard, but always remember that there is also the self defence aspect to it and in the street flopping to guard would get you killed.


A video of what NOT to do

4 Responses to “Say no to pulling guard!!”

  1. Rambeaux says:

    Where is this street you speak of? Remind me not to go there!

  2. Mehmet says:

    another reason why pulling guard is not practical:

  3. Doryan says:

    Any sensible discipline would teach a person to walk away. But if you’re really that butt ugly then maybe you should consider a paper bag to protect yourself from all those high teenagers.

  4. tekkaman says:

    Ahh if only it were that easy. People high on substances are easily offended, perhaps even by paper bags!

    On the serious note, there are confrontations which sometimes can’t be avoided. For example, if you’re attacked on the train or any confined space it might not be physically possible to walk away.

    The reality is that this kind of shit happens, and when it does, you’ll wish that you’re prepared for the situation.