Focus, my son!


Exciting new business ideas often pop into my head randomly. Just talking with people and seeing things gives me a whole bunch of fantastic new stories to tell about how doing X and Y could change the world. Those who know me, know that I love discussing and pitching a new idea.

But while it’s fun to indulge in these dreams and then get excited in discussing them with friends, I’ve come to realise that it can also be counterproductive. The reason is that if you’re currently working on a project at the moment, you need complete focus to carry it through to the very end.

As per my previous article, 1% of a business is an idea and 99% of it is execution. So you really need to give an idea a lot of time, which may sometimes mean months or even years. In an article I read recently, it provided a quote from Warren Buffet; “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”

Opportunities will come all the time. Some may even be presented to you without your seeking, opportunities to make heaps of money, participate in exciting ventures or be given an awesome job. But if you’re serious about an idea you’re working on, more often than not it’s necessary to say ‘no’ to these opportunities and stay the course. While Ruslan Kogan may call it being focused, I call it being committed.

So, even though talking about ideas is great fun, there is real danger in them. Don’t spread yourself too thin, good execution requires commitment and in turn that commitment requires you more often than not, to say ‘no’.

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