There’s so much to do but so little time! Rather than just providing a list of interests, below is a bit of what I enjoy and links. Everything comes highly recommended.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Boxing and Kickboxing

  • Trained for a little while with John Scida and at the local YMCA
  • A little hesitant about the possibility of mild brain damage from getting hit!


Bargain hunting


  • Once an addict of ICC
  • Played at around the 2000 level in 1 minute chess on the now defunct World Chess Network


  • Once member of the Melbourne Uni Powerlifting Club
  • Former sub-junior powerlifting champion at 82.5kg!
  • Fought for martial arts and the powerlifting club in MUSA
  • Fascinated by the concept of functional strength and being strong


  • Reading technology news on Google News
  • A member of the Whirlpool community, though not posting as often now!
  • Massive fan of Google and using Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs
  • Dislike Apple‘s stinginess with sharing, but using their gizmo’s anyway


Food and criticising restaurants

  • Anonymous critic on Urbanspoon
  • And another anonymous website I own…

Fantasy novels


  • This blog obviously!
  • Other unnamed and anonymous blogs
  • Dreams of writing my own fantasy novels


Politics and history

Business and finance

  • Convinced by the Warren Buffet method of value investing ie. hold and don’t let go!
  • Following business news from the usual news suspects
  • Intrigued by the China story and following articles on it
  • Not a fan of the mining boom and it’s strategic implications for the Australian economy
  • A slightly optimistic watcher of the property market

Analytics and statistics